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Marc Berruezo Ais (Barcelona, Spain) about IW Budapest: "By the way, about the week, I think it's necessary to shout out loud a big egészségedre in honour of our hosts. My host was the coolest guy on f*** earth, and as much as he knows it, I really wanted to leave written and to thank him once again! We just can't keep from awesoming man, that's how it goes. And next time it'll be either in Balaton Sund or in Barcelona. Love ya Peter!!!! :D"

Corinne Pearce (Lund, Sweden) about IW Budapest: "Budapest is a city of eclectic, modern, creative, luxurious and alternative culture all at the same time. From pubs with swings in them to the Louis Vitton store to the John Mayer playing in the cafes to the various electronic or rock music festivals, the place is dynamic and endlessly interesting. It's layered to no end."

Elinor Edberg (Uppsala, Sweden) about IW Budapest: "Hi! As everybody else I had a FANTASTIC week! It was so nice to get to know you! :D A big thanks to all participants and organizers, it is because of you that I just had one of the best weeks ever! You are welcome in Sweden, Stockholm, Uppsala whenever you like! (I would also like to say that I'm so sad I had to leave early the last night - a combination of slovak shit and fever made me zombie-like. I guess I only have myself to blame: Australia is apparently not a country in Europe... ;)"

Naofumi Ozawa (Keio, Japan) about IW Budapest: "Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Big thanks to all of you, this past week was soooooo AWESOME :) It would be an experience that I would never forget for my entire life ;) As you might know, I had been taking hundreds of photos during this IW :D I would upload them as soon as I get back to Japan, so look forward to see them XDXD And, ofcourse, everyone is welcome to Japan, so please tell me whenever you are coming!!"

Association for International Relations (AIR) Hungary is an organization estabilished in 1990 under the umbrella organization of IWCO (International Week Coordinating Organization).

IWCO’s only hungarian member is AIR. We belong to an international network with member universities from all over the world. AIR’s main project is the International Week Budapest held annually in April-May.

AIR organizes a one week long cultural, economic and academic program for students. The aim of this program is to present the very best of Hungarian companies, start ups, the university life and the capital city.

Our active members get the chance to participate in other International Weeks (IW) abroad.

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